CTG Opens State-of-the-Art Composite Centre of Excellence

CTG has completed the construction and fit out of a state-of-the-art Composite Centre of Excellence facility in Banbury (Oxfordshire, UK).CTG's state-of-the-art Composite Centre of Excellence facility

The impressive 137,000 sq. ft. facility was approached with an environmental and sustainable focus and will unite CTG’s six current sites into one location and gives CTG an overall footprint increase of more than 90 percent. The move enables CTG to manufacture volume quantities more effectively of advanced composite products and systems used across a range of high technology industries. Employees have already started moving in, and the facility will be fully operational by June 2013.

Amenities include dedicated production lines, a technical library, high-tech smart boards, a gymnasium and flexible meeting spaces.

The facility has been designed using Collins Aerospace’s Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) lean principles which focus on material flow and flexibility. Layout of the production area has been planned using value stream envelopes; enabling wasted space to be lowered by more than 30 percent and linkage and flow improvement to increase by 50 percent in comparison to the old sites.

Dominic Cartwright, general manager said, “CTG’s Composite Centre of Excellence is a truly incredible facility and we are delighted with the outcome which will benefit our customers, employees, and the wider Collins Aerospace organization. It will ensure our operations are more streamlined and efficient, while sustaining the current innovative and agile environment. The facility ensures we stand out from our competitors as a leader in composite product technology now and in the future.”
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