CTG’s Custom Built Reception Desk Crosses the Finishing Line

CTG’s Custom Built Reception Desk

CTG’s custom built reception desk has arrived at the new Composite Centre of Excellence. Made from automotive propshafts, the new desk is a striking feature in the spacious reception area.

A propshaft is a critical drivetrain transmission component found connecting many multi-drive or rear wheel drivetrain vehicles - they transmit torque and rotate at high speeds. CTG design and manufacture standard ‘off the shelf’ propshafts as well as bespoke versions for each client and vehicle including automotive OEM; tens of thousands have been supplied to date.

Carbon fibre composites

Carbon fibre composites are an ideal material for automotive propshafts as they offer high torsional strengths but yet a high stiffness/weight ratio. This results in low weight and inertia with improved drivetrain performance to enable longer shafts to run at higher speeds; subsequently reducing the number of piece parts required. CTG’s composite propshafts are up to 65% lighter than metallic equivalents.

The desk was designed and built by Alastair Gibson, who had a 22 year engineering career in motorsport; 14 of which were in formula one, 4 as lead mechanic for the Benetton F1 team and 10 as race team chief mechanic for BAR Honda Grand Prix Team. Now working as a sculptor, Alastair has completed some exquisite sculptures and projects, to see more visit his website: www.carbonart45.com

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