Research & Technology Team

Research & Technology Team

CTG has a committed research and technology team that drive new technologies.As well as this dedicated team, our engineers from around the business are constantly innovating and learning as they develop new products and work with new materials and processes.

CTG aim to understand technology in-house and increase technology readiness levels; applying them to the right product at the right time to maximise performance benefits. Our objective is to be at the forefront of pioneering composite technology, and to tell our customers what they want before they know it, positioning ourselves ahead of the competition.

Ethos of Innovation

Our ethos is that failure is a learning opportunity. We aim to get physical components on the table as early as possible to ‘make and break’ them; this learning process is backed up with supporting analysis so that families of parts can be developed faster without needing to ‘make and break’ again. The lessons learned are then shared across the different engineering teams.

Problem Solving

CTG has a proven track record of bringing ground breaking technology to market. Our engineers draw upon existing knowledge and IP or develop new IP to find composite product solutions for our customers. This problem solving approach operates throughout the business across a wide spectrum of industries and product lines, facilitating the cross pollination of ideas, technologies and solutions.

Product Development

CTG has help our customers and other Collins Aerospace's division investigate the potential of composite by developing products including Light Weight Ram Air Turbine (RAT) carbon Shafts and light weight landing gear struts.


Our research and technology team links with industry institutions and forms partnerships for special projects; we work closely with United Technologies Research Centre, National Composites Centre, Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, Technology Strategy Board and many universities.

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