Staff Story - Gayan Sirimanne

Gayan Sirimanne, Group Leader

Before joining CTG in late 2013, I had many years’ worth of experience in engineering. I started work on the CET (Clean Air Technology) as a Manufacturing Engineer, as well as integrating machinery from our old facility to our current home.

An internal position opened up as a Production Manager where out Process Manufacturing & Facilities Manager supported me through the internal recruitment process. With the new role, I continued to work on the same production line but with further responsibilities.

In August, 2016, I applied to become a Group Leader; this position was open to the public, and the Process Manufacturing & Facilities Manager helped to support me once again.

I am currently the Group Leader on Aerotransmission Shafts responsible for On Time Delivery, Supporting Projects, and Yield improvements.

The three things I most enjoy about working at CTG

People, Diverse backgrounds, Helping to grow the business. I have a big appreciation of the internal opportunities, as well as masses of support from management through the recruitment processes.

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