Precision composite manufacturing for aerospace applications

CTG provides a range of bespoke aerospace composite products for applications including Fluid Transfer, Structural and Transmission.

Our Capabilities

CTG’s composites are exceptionally strong, durable, lightweight and in many applications, require little maintenance.

As an alternative to metals and alloys, composites can deliver significant operating cost savings, reduce energy use and emissions, open up new possibilities in design and reduce part count without compromising strength or durability by being easier to form into complex shapes.

CTG’s filament winding and precise fibre placement expertise enables the control of the properties and qualities of each advanced composite product including its size, thermal and electrical properties, strength, mass, structural performance and stiffness.

CTG has a committed research and technology team that drive new technologies throughout the business. CTG aim to understand technology in-house and increase technology readiness levels; applying them to the right product at the right time to maximise performance benefits. Our objective is to be at the forefront of pioneering composite technology, and to inform our customers of opportunities they may not have realised existed.

Fluid Transfer

Fluid Transfer

Composite pipes and tubes for aerospace fluid transfer are fitted within the aircraft fuel and hydraulic systems to prevent the effect of a lightning strike, while still facilitating dissipation of a static charge. CTG has developed a robust method of joining the composite tube/pipe with various metal fittings. The composite pipes and tubes allows the precise tuning of electrical resistivity and fly on aircraft today.



CTG’s structural technology can transfer load in several different conditions with a number of joining solutions. One of the composite to metallic interfaces is designed to be pre-loaded, resulting in a fatigue proof component and can withstand large loads up to >1000KN. Others rely on a similar joint to the transmission shafts providing a lower costs and weight solution. Depending upon the application, these components are structurally designed to resist compression, tension, bending and torque loads.



CTG realised that the aerospace market would not favour reliance upon adhesives joining the metal flange to the composite structure. Therefore the company developed a patented composite to metal interface which allows the reliable transfer of torque with zero reliance upon adhesives, reducing risk of failure. CTG has also developed other elements for a transmission shaft system, including universal joints and TORQdisc couplings; these further contribute to part reduction and weight savings.


Bespoke Solutions

CTG designs, qualifies and manufactures high performance structural and non-structural aerospace composite products specifically for military and commercial applications. CTG has a fully flexible production capability, ranging from one-off problem-solving and bespoke projects to meet specific customer requirements, to volume manufacturing. Its design, development and testing facilities allow for new techniques and concepts to be created and fully tested in-house to ensure products meet the highest quality standards. The company has ISO 9001, AS 9100 Rev C and ISO 14001 accreditation for its quality and environmental management.

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