Strong and lightweight composite transmission shafts for aerospace

CTG's transmission systems provide a light weight alternative to metal


CTG realised that the aerospace market would not favour reliance upon adhesives joining the metal flange to the composite structure. Therefore the company...

Transmission Shafts

Transmission Shafts

As well as being lightweight, composites are extremely strong which means the transmission shafts are scalable, resulting in a reduction in parts and subsequent further weight savings. Using CTG’s patented joining technology the transmission shafts are on A330, A340, A350, A380, A400M, Bombardier C-Series, Boeing 787, and JSF F-35.
TORQdisks and Universal Joints

TORQdisks and Universal Joints

TORQdiscs are lightweight composite flexible couplings used in power transmission applications, specially within the actuation systems of aircraft wings. The assembly provides lower weight than an equivalent crowned spline joint, a reduction in system axial loads as result of compliance, zero maintenance, zero backlash, low power loss, low wear, high fatigue resistance, and fast, flexible installation. TORQdiscs are fully scalable for different torque requirements. This technology currently features on the Bombardier CSeries.

Light weight

CTG, a Collins Aerospace Company is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of advanced composite products and systems. The company has established an international reputation for innovation, quality and successful development of composite solutions. CTG is at the forefront of filament winding technology, specialising in precise fibre placement techniques and innovating new technology in joining metals to composites. Transmission systems benefit from CTG's patented metal to carbon composite joining technology to deliver an overall low weight solution.

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